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Scars: How Scars Form?

Learn About Formation Of Scars

Scars are result of the natural healing process of the body. After we suffer an injury, the body rushes its defence forces to save it. As the injury heals, scars form because the skin does not heal precisely as it was before. Some people have a high tendency of scar formation while others have less. Scar formation also depends upon the age. In younger age, the healing is faster while in the older age, healing is slower. This changes the scarring.

Some of us develop keloids, which are raised scars. Not all of us form keloids. Keloids are raised hard growths that form as the skin heals. They form because some bodies rush in a lot of collagen to the injured site and the healing tissue is more than required thereby forming a raised hard growth. Those who have a tendency to form keloids will form one, even with the slightest injury. Similar to keloids are hypertrophic scars. They form when the wound is under tension and thereby the healing tissue is raised than the surrounding skin. Treatment of keloids always challenges the doctors, because any further injury can cause more keloids.

Article created on: June 24, 2006

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