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Scabies: Treatment

Treatment Of Scabies

Permethrin is considered as one of the most effective treatments for scabies. Permethrin is used as a 5% cream. It is to be applied to the whole body below the neck, including all crevices. Your doctor will explain you the procedure. The cream is left on the body for a night. If anybody in the home gets infected with scabies, all the members should apply permethrin because even if they have contacted scabies, it will show after some time. Whether this application needs repetition after a week or not will be decided by your doctor.

The other treatments for scabies are 1% lindane solution, 10% sulfur ointment, and in cases of crusty scabies- oral ivermectin. Leave the decision of the medication to your doctor as some of them cannot be given or used in small children and pregnant women.

All household linen and beddings, etc. should be washed and dried at high temperature to kill any mites that may be present. Pets don't get this mite so you can leave your pets alone. What cannot be cleaned can be packed in a bag and kept in the garage or attic for a few days. The mites will die during that period because they need human skin to survive. Consult your doctor for details.

After getting treated for scabies, the itching may remain for a month or more. This itching can be controlled by using oral antihistamines, topical mild steroids, etc.

Article created on: July 7, 2006

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