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Rosacea: Symptoms And Progress

Symptoms & Progress Of Rosacea

You may first notice sudden blushing or flushing on the center part of your face. This may spread to other parts of the face such as cheeks and forehead. After some time, this redness becomes permanent. With further development, small papules and pus-filled small spots develop. They look like acne. That is why rosacea is also called adult acne. But unlike acne, there are no blackheads. It is thought that, rosacea is a defect of the facial skin blood vessels.

As rosacea develops, you will observe fine veins red in color appearing on the affected area. They look like spider veins. Apart from depression and anxiety, that are the results of the social embarrassment a patient faces, rosacea can also lead to a red and bulbous nose in men. Many rosacea patients suffer from eye problems. They get a gritty feeling in the eyes and also redness and itching in eyes and eyelids. Sometimes, serious eye problems may develop. It is necessary that a rosacea patient consult the doctor about his/her eyes.

Article created on: July 1, 2006


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