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Ringworm Of The Body: Causes


Fungi that are like a mold, cause ringworm. They are called as dermatophytes. Ringworm is a contagious condition. It can spread from human to human. It can also spread from pets to humans. Not only cats and dogs, but also horses, cows, pigs and goats can pass it to humans. Ringworm can also be caused if a person touches an object, which had been handled by someone who had scratched his/her ringworm patch before that.

If you have excess perspiration, your sweat may dissolve the skin-protecting oils and the fungi can easily infect and spread on your skin. Those who suffer from atopic dermatitis are more susceptible to get ringworm. Those with weak immune system are also more susceptible. A diabetic may find it difficult to get rid of ringworm for a long time. It is true with those having AIDS, etc.

Article created on: July 16, 2006


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