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Moles: How And When Do Moles Form?

How And When Do Moles Form?

Moles can form at any age. Some are formed at birth and are called congenital. Early childhood is the time of formation of many new moles. Moles may form at the junction of epidermis and dermis or form only in the dermis. Depending on where they form, they appear to be different. Some moles may be flat while some may be raised. Moles also form in different colors- from light brown to dark blue. The color of mole will depend upon the density or concentration of pigment in it. Sun exposure may increase the formation of moles. Birth control pills and pregnancy may also play a role in mole formation. Both sun exposure and pregnancy may also darken the color of the mole. As we age, some moles become lighter in color and many times disappear in old age. Some moles develop hair growth. This hair growth troubles few people and they may resort to hair removal methods such as electrolysis and others.

Article created on: June 27, 2006

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