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Liver Spots: Overview

Liver Spots Or Lentigens

Lentigens are also called age spots or liver spots. They are dark brown spots that appear on the exposed skin in middle age. Lentigens form because of sun exposure. Though lentigens are also called liver spots, they have nothing to do with liver or its functions. These spots appear because of over-activity of melanocytes in the skin and accumulation of melanin due to sun exposure.

Fair-skinned people and those who tan easily may get these spots on their face, back of the hands, forearms and other sun-exposed areas of the body. Sometimes these spots may fade in winter. If these spots are rough to touch, show them to your doctor. Sometimes they are actinic keratoses, a pre-cancerous change in the skin.

Lentigens can be treated with skin bleaching treatments.

Lentigens can also be removed with liquid nitrogen, chemical peeling or lasers. Your doctor will examine the spots and decide the best method of removal.

Article created on: August 8, 2006

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